AVRONET is an international logistic management tool that allows our clients to consult and create budgets, issue, modify and share transport documentation, work with associated agents, handle and follow stock movement and inventory 24 hours, 365 days, from any place in the world.

  Operating AVRO NET is easy. You just need a username and a password to log in, and you will access a powerful tool that simplifies processes for different requirements, prepare quotations, document fulfillment, shipments management and tracking.

With AVRO NET you will:
- Charge all the information related to a transport
- Choose shipping options
- Calculate estimated time of departure and arrival
- Hire transport insurance
- Fullfill, consult, download and print transport documentation
- For temporary operations, you can permanently locate your inventory

No matter where you are or what time is it, AVRO NET is always on line to help you to manage the transport information and share it with anyone you want.

Montevideo 735 4th. Floor - (1019) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Telephone: +54 11 4812 6974 / Facsimil: +54 11 4814 2681 / e-mail: info@avronet.com