For events that require temporary import and export operations such as motorsport, exhibitions, entertainment events and industrial, scientific or construction services, logistic is very demanding and it must be considered a just-in-time operation.

Normally all custom procedures are completed as temporary imports and ALL ITEMS entering Argentina must leave the country (if not, no matters why, duties and taxes will apply).

All motorsport events will have a special authorization from custom authorities. Normally all items arrived as cargo, will require a registered importer to declare operations to complete Custom Clearance. Our Company normally provides this service for motorsport events.

In order to provide the best service for this kind of events, we have a network of representatives in Australia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Italy, Japan and United Kingdom. Also we have correspondants all over the world through a membership in the World Wide Partnership Cargolink Association Ltd. - WWPC.

Our background and experience in this kind of operations made us the Official Custom Agent for the Argentina Rally WRC-FIA, the Cross Country Rally por las Pampas FIA and the Marathon Rally Carrera Sudamericana 2006 FIA.

We are also Official Logistic Agent for the Mitsubishi Argentina Rally Team Villagra and the Subaru Argentina Rally Team Barattero to be present at six events of 2005 WRC FIA calendar (NZ-CY-TQY-UK-ARG-JP & AUS rallies).





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